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Held annually in the United States, Camp KDE provides a regional opportunity for KDE contributors and enthusiasts to gather, learn about the latest KDE happenings and share their experiences. The event will feature in-depth talks by core KDE developers.

When and Where

The 3rd annual Camp KDE will be held on the 4th and 5th of April, 2011 in San Francisco, California at Hotel Kabuki.



Rex brainstorming stuff to do:

  • hold hackfest/bof related to packaging, mostly around polling attendees what they want to see out of distro packaging
    • what do distros get right?
    • what do distros get wrong?
    • how to better coordinate efforts between upstream/downstream
    • how to better coordinate efforts between downstreams
      • emphasize/highlight kde-packager mailing list


Rex Dieter

Kde-ev have agreed to reimburse for plane flight (80%). I'm asking fedora to help cover hotel stay for Apr 3-4 (2 nights), and some meals if possible. inode0 informally ok'd up to $400 (irc).

plane flight booked, $315.05 I booked 2 nights @ Hotel Majestic San Francisco, only a couple blocks away (yay), $201.82

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