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I have been thinking a lot about Fedora Spins, and I realized that the spinners are more geared to deploying linux software for really small audiences or groups of users.

I would like to develop a spin directed to small business. I bet there are a billion small businesses, and they would be (to start) interested in a single user system that could be upgraded to a small office system consisting of perhaps 5 users.

What should the Spin contain for a small business.

A) Accounting package integrated with purchasing, sales and banking, Should handle 3 levels of taxes

   1) Federal  2) State/Province 3) Municipal.

B) An Office Product Packet (LibreOffice C) Web Server (optional and preconfigured) D) An inventory package (integrated with A) ) E) Webmail or Email server. F) Preconfigured Samba G) Orientation -- Small Manufacturer, Small retailer, Small Distributor

With manufacturer, look to discrete manufacturing.

Ideally, an ERP package and some more would be fantastic.

In closing, Recall that there are several gigs of small businesses. Many still with a Pentium system or an early dual-core computer.