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MinGW environment and toolchain update


Update the MinGW base environment and toolchain to the latest upstream stable releases.


Current status

Detailed Description

The following packages will be updated

  • mingw-gcc to version 11.x
  • mingw-w64-tools to version 9.x
  • mingw-winpthreads to version 9.x
  • mingw-crt to version 9.x
  • mingw-headers to version 9.x

Benefit to Fedora

Ship the latest available MinGW environment and GNU toolchain.


  • Proposal owners:

The above mentioned packages will be updated. Build failures following the mass rebuild will be inspected.

  • Other developers:

Help with build failures may be requested.

  • Release engineering: Impact check [1]
  • Release engineering: Mass rebuild requested
  • Policies and guidelines: No policies need to be changed

Upgrade/compatibility impact

No impact

How To Test

Update the system once the updated packages land, look out for new build failures etc.

User Experience

The features of the newest MinGW environment and GNU Toolchain will be available to the users.



Contingency Plan

  • Contingency mechanism: Revert to older versions of environment / toolchain, mass rebuild mingw packages again
  • Contingency deadline: Before release
  • Blocks release? Yes
  • Blocks product? No

Release Notes

Fedora 35 comes with the mingw-w64-9 environment and mingw-gcc-11.