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FedoraScientific VagrantBox

Build and Release Vagrant boxes for Fedora Scientific


Fedora Scientific is currently delivered as ISOs. Shipping vagrant boxes will give potential users a friendlier option to try out Fedora Scientific while keeping their current operating system.


  • Name: Amit Saha
  • Email:
  • Release notes owner:

Current status

Detailed Description

Vagrant boxes for Fedora Scientific will allow users to easily run Fedora Scientific in a virtual machine. This can be useful for users who are using another operating system as their host operating system and not have to manually download the ISO, and go through the installation process which can be unfamiliar or unnecessary hassle for users who may be new to Fedora or Linux.

Benefit to Fedora

This will lower the barrier of entry to potential Fedora Scientific and Fedora users.


  • Proposal owners: This will require creating pungi configuration as well as new kickstarts to be able to build the vagrant boxes for Fedora Scientific.
  • Other developers: This will need creating the pungi configuration, kickstarts and then to test them and push them.
  • Release engineering: #7324 (a check of an impact with Release Engineering is needed)
  • Policies and guidelines: Not needed
  • Trademark approval: Not needed

Upgrade/compatibility impact

This is a new deliverable for Fedora Scientific, so upgrades are not relevant.

How To Test

As far as I understand, there will be two vagrant boxes — one for libvirt and the other for VirtualBox drivers. As part of the testing, for each driver, the following should succeed (assuming the user has setup either successfully):

  • The user will be able to do vagrant init <image> followed by vagrant up to create a new VM running Fedora Scientific
  • The user will be able to ssh into the virtual machine using vagrant ssh
  • The user will then be able to perform any of the "usual" tasks that Fedora Scientific aims to provide a platform for

User Experience

This should enable users to have a easier path to trying out Fedora Scientific. Since this does not change any existing behavior or expectations, the only noticeable change should be a positive one.



Contingency Plan

This is new feature and will not affect anything else. In addition, this is not a blocking release. However, any changes made to pungi configuration will need to be reverted. The kickstart files may stay as they should not affect other spins or Fedora Scientific.


The Fedora Scientific guide at will be updated.

Release Notes