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IBus 1.5.27


In IBus 1.5.27, ibus restart subcommand will be enhanced to be able to restart ibus-daemon in GNOME desktop, ibus im-module subcommand will be added to get internal gtk-im-module value in an GTK instance, ibus-setup will provides custom themes for the IBus candidate window.


Current status

Detailed Description

  • ibus restart subcommand will be enhanced to be able to restart ibus-daemon via systemd for GNOME desktop. ibus-daemon is launched via systemd in GNOME desktop. ibus restart will restart ibus-daemon with systemd at first and with an IBus API directly at second and it also provides --help option to get other option arguments for the subcommand and --type=direct and --type=systemd subcommands are available.
  • ibus im-module subcommand will be added to get an internal gtk-im-module value from an instance of an GTK instance. Some users would fail to setup IBus and this subcommand will help them to check whether "ibus" is set to the gtk-im-module in the actual process.
  • ibus-setup will provides custom themes in the "Advanced" tab for IBus candidate window. IBus candidate window is composed by GTK and If the current desktop is composed by GTK likes GNOME, the desktop provides a utility to customize the themes. But if not, this feature is useful for the users.


Benefit to Fedora

Users can restart ibus-daemon with ibus restart. When users install new IBus engines, ibus-daemon has to be restarted to load the new engine lists, If users might encounter a bug, users would like to restart ibus-daemon. IM developers also sometimes restart ibus-daemon to debug IBus or the engines. ibus im-module subcommand is also useful when a users failed to setup IBus. Providing IBus custom themes is useful for Plasma desktop which theme utility does not change GTK themes.


  • Proposal owners: ibus
  • Other developers: NONE
  • Release engineering:
  • Policies and guidelines: N/A
  • Trademark approval: N/A
  • Alignment with Objectives:

Upgrade/compatibility impact

ibus restart should not have any regressions in any desktops.

How To Test

IBus restart

  1. Log into GNOME desktop session
  2. Run ibus restart and then ibus-daemon PID is changed.

IBus im-module

  1. Run ibus im-module and get "ibus"

IBus custom theme

  1. Log into Plasma desktop session
  2. Run ibus-setup and configure IM engines in "Input Method" tab, who can show the candidate window likes ibus-libpinyin, ibus-anthy.
  3. Run ibus-setup and configure custom themes in "Advanced" tab and confirme the theme of the candidate window is changed.

User Experience

ibus restart command line interface is available to restart the input method features and ibus-setup provides custom themes for ithe appearance of the input method candidate window.


ibus restart --type=systemd requires systemd. ibus im-module subcommand requires gtk4 or gtk3 or gtk2.

Contingency Plan

  • Contingency mechanism: Revert the change to IBus.
  • Contingency deadline: Beta release
  • Blocks release? No



Release Notes