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Livemedia Creator


livemedia-creator is a tool that is part of lorax, it has the ability to make livecd's, raw disk images, and to do pxe2live. We plan to use it to make pxe2live for Atomic, the LiveCD's and ARM disk images in fedora. While additional changes are being made in LMC for disk images and pxe2live, we will focus on getting support for livecds in place as our top priority. Other artifacts will be ported to LMC when upstream is ready.


Current status

Detailed Description

We will be adding to koji the the ability to run livemedia-creator in a chroot. We will replace the long legacy tools used to make LiveCD's and ARM disk images, as well as as the ability to deliver pxe2live for atomic. livecd-creator and appliance-creator only support python2 and yum, they have not seen any significant development in years and are increasingly crufty. Using livemedia-creator allows us to use dnf to create the media via anaconda and to ensure that the media is made the same way we install any Fedora system, reducing the code paths and differences in how a system looks based on which tool made it. Support for livecds will land first with support for disk images and pxe2live following and pending some upstream changes.

Benefit to Fedora

In addition to enabling the creation of pxe2live we will be able to make LiveCD's and ARM disk images in a much better way. Anaconda will be the tool used to do all Fedora installs. we will be removing appliance-tools and livecd-tools that have very crufty code bases and can not be ported to python3 due to their reliance on yum.


  • Proposal owners:
    • add livemedia-creator support to koji
    • add support to pungi to create media using livemedia-creator
  • Other developers: port spin-kickstarts to work with livemedia-creator
  • Release engineering: communicate the changes and work with spins owners to assist in kickstart porting
    • List of deliverables: All LiveCD's will be made with tooling changes during alpha; ARM disk images and pxe2live to follow
  • Policies and guidelines: We will be writing and/or updating docs on how to write kickstarts for Spins
  • Trademark approval: N/A (not needed for this Change)

Upgrade/compatibility impact

We need to communicate this change to people doing remixes and rebuilds of Fedora media that will be created by livemedia-creator as they will need to make changes to their kickstarts and processes to use the new tooling.

How To Test

TODO: Document how to run livemedia-creator to make the different types of media

User Experience

There should be no differences in user experience from the old tools


livemedia-creator exists today, we need to have the koji and pungi integration done.

Contingency Plan

  • Contingency mechanism: Continue to use livecd-tools and appliance-tools for making the media
  • Contingency deadline: Alpha Change freeze
  • Blocks release? Yes
  • Blocks product? All


TODO: write fedora specifc docs, specifically on writing kickstarts

Release Notes