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Lohit Odia and Gurmukhi font naming


This is a change to make Lohit Oriya fonts name as per the guidelines by Odisha governement and improve Lohit Punjabi font name to avoid confusion between Arabic and Gurmukhi script fonts. It will change Lohit Oriya fonts to Lohit Odia and Lohit Punjabi to Lohit Gurmukhi.


Current status

Detailed Description

Lohit fonts upstream is going to change two fonts name. Font name changes and detailed information is as follows

Lohit Oriya to Lohit Odia:

Odia language name was improperly translated and written as a Oriya. This has been corrected by Government of India in 2011 and it is called as a Odia now. Reference for same Discussion regarding same happened in Lohit fonts upstream and it has been decided to change Lohit Oriya fonts name to Lohit Odia.

Lohit Punjabi to Lohit Gurmukhi:

Punjabi is a language and written by two script Arabic and Gurmukhi. Generic font name like Punjabi often create confusion whether this font is belonged to writing Punjabi in Arabic script or Gurmukhi script. It has become important to change font name from Lohit Punjabi to Lohit Gurmukhi. Lohit upstream has already accepted this change and looks will release fonts with this name.

Benefit to Fedora

What is the benefit to the platform?

Fedora is leading distribution when it comes to Indian language. We are the first one to support internationalization of 22 Official Indian languages. We started supporting Indian Rupee symbol [₹] in very early stages. Lohit fonts are default font for Odia and Punjabi language in Fedora distribution. With this change Fedora distribution will follow Government guidelines regarding correct language name. Fedora will also remove confusion from user end regarding Punjabi script fonts.

If this is a major capability update, what has changed? If this is a new functionality, what capabilities does it bring?

With this update default fonts packages for Odia and Punjabi are going to Change. Users will need to install lohit-odia-fonts and lohit-gurmukhi-fonts package rather than lohit-oriya and lohit-punjabi-fonts. Users will also notice different font names in applications like gedit and libreoffice.

Why will Fedora become a better distribution or project because of this proposal? With the proposed change Fedora is going to follow Governmetn guidline for langauge and respecting Odia language community. Fedora it also removing confusion for punjabi user by clear stating Lohit as a Gurmukhi font rather than punjabi.


Developers need to accomplish following things.

  • Upstream release with proposed font name changes.
  • New package request with corrected font names in upstream in Fedora by obsoleting existing packages.
  • Notifying Anaconda and Libreoffice langpacks to install renamed packages.
  • Proposal owners:
    • Working in upstream for release with names
    • new package request.
    • notifying package using Lohit fonts for updating it.
  • Other developers:
    • Anaconda need to update default fonts installation list.
    • Libreoffice lang pack requires need to change.
  • Release engineering:
    • No, mass rebuild required.
  • Policies and guidelines:
    • No change in policies and guideline.

Upgrade/compatibility impact

Upgrade will be smooth with proper obsolete and provides.

How To Test

  • Install Fedora latest release.
  • Check whether anaconda works properly in Odia and Punjabi language. Should not show square boxes or other incorrect fonts.
  • Check install fonts packages.
    • rpm -q lohit-odia-fonts
    • rpm -q lohit-gurmukhi-fonts
  • Open LibreOffice and check font names.
    • It should be Lohit Odia and Lohit Gurmukhi.

User Experience

This change proposal it noticeable by target audience as the default font names for there language is going to change. They will see different font name.


  • libreoffice-langpack-or
  • libreoffice-langpack-pa
  • anaconda (Need to update default fonts installation list)

Contingency Plan

  • Contingency mechanism:
    • In case we do not achieve this change, we can release with available things.
    • Feature Owner will take care of this.
  • Contingency deadline: 2014-04-30
  • Blocks release? No


Release Notes