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Mono 4


Update the Mono stack in Fedora from 2.10 to 4.*


Current status

Detailed Description

Support for Mono versions 3.0 and 2.10 has been discontinued. No further development of bug fixing is planned for those branches. Mono 4 is the active branch and has many improvements. See upstream notes

Mono requires itself to build. The Mono version 2.10.8 currently included in Fedora is too old to build version 4 that requires at least version 3.4. At the moment on copr we use monolite, a little version of mono compiler shipped in the tarball for first build time.

We have two options to upgrade:

Steps for Bootstrapping

  • The Monolite binaries are included in the Mono tarball which is provided by upstream. see also
    • Monolite is a minimal binary distribution of mcs. This is the compiler that is able to build the rest of Mono.
  • In the spec file, we usually delete all dlls and executables before the build section.
  • For the bootstrap, we would once keep the monolite binaries.
  • After Mono has been built for all primary and secondary architectures, and for Epel, we enable the deletion of the monolite binaries again in the spec file.

Benefit to Fedora

Fedora aims to showcase the latest in free and open source software - we should have the most recent release of Mono 4.0.1

It will have the ability to run cross-platform applications that require compatibility with Microsoft. Net Framework 4.5


  • Proposal owners:

Update mono spec and build in copr and/or koji until is ready.

  • Other developers:

See Upgrade/compatibility impact and Dependencies section

  • Release engineering: None
  • Policies and guidelines: None

Upgrade/compatibility impact

Mono 4 includes most of the features of Mono 2.10 and Mono 3 branch.

The profiles 2.0, 3.5 and 4.0 will not be build any more in favor of profile 4.5

Many packages may need to be revised, updated or rebuilt because Mono 4 require that all application use target 4.5. In general is a simple task to sed .sln, .cproj, configure,,, Makefile,, for use mcs instead gmcs and change profile < 4.5 to 4.5. The files to sed change depending in what form is distributed the sources. In most off the cases only configure files need sed. A few package work without changes like gnome-subtitle or pinta

The fixes is work in progress on and

How To Test

Interested testers do not need special hardware. Take a given Mono application and test it against the Mono at this copr repo and verify it works:


Any issue will be reported in github or

User Experience

User should note speedy improvement running Mono applications.

Some applications will have features only supported if used Mono 4


Package In copr In Rawhide Notes
OpenTK Yes 1.1-2.4c.fc23 Build in koji (was [1])
RepetierHost 0.90D-4.fc23 Build in kojiy ( was [2])
avahi 0.6.31-33.fc23 Build in koji
avahi-sharp 0.6.31-33.fc23 Need fix requires avahi-libs
banshee Yes 2.6.2-11.fc23 Build in koji
banshee-community-extensions 2.4.0-10.fc23 Fedora package work without changes if Copr is configured
bareftp Yes 0.3.9-9.fc23 Build in koji
bless 0.6.0-16.fc23 Build in koji (was [3])
boo Yes Build in koji
cdcollect Yes 0.6.0-22.fc23 Build in
dbus-sharp Yes 1:0.7.0-13.fc23 Build in koji
dbus-sharp-glib Yes 0.5.0-11.fc23 Build in koji
docky Yes 2.2.0-5.fc23 Build in koji
gbrainy 2.2.5-1.fc23
gdata-sharp Yes Build in
gecko-sharp2 0.13-28.fc23 Build in koji
gio-sharp Yes 0.3-12.fc23 Build in koji
giver 0.1.8-15.fc23 Build in koji
gkeyfile-sharp Yes 0.1-17.fc23 Build in koji
gmime 2.6.20-4.fc23 Build in [koji
gnome-desktop-sharp Yes 2.26.0-25.fc23 Build in koji
gnome-do Yes 0.95.3-1.fc23 Build in koji
gnome-guitar 0.8.1-18.fc23 Build in koji
gnome-keyring-sharp Yes 1.0.1-0.19.133722svn.fc23 Build in koji
gnome-rdp Build in koji
gnome-sharp Yes 2.24.2-9.fc23 Build in koji
gnome-subtitles 1.3-6.fc23 Build in koji
gsf-sharp 0.8.1-24.fc23 Build in koji
gtk-sharp-beans Yes 2.14.0-15.fc23 Build in koji
gtk-sharp2 Yes 2.12.26-1.fc23 Build in koji
gtksourceview-sharp 2.0.12-23.fc23 Build in koji
graphviz 2.38.0-23.fc23 Build in koji
gudev-sharp Yes 0.1-16.fc23 Build in koji
hyena Yes 0.5-10.fc23 Build in koji
keepass Yes 2.29-1.fc23 Build in koji
kimono 4.14.3-5.fc23 Build in koji
libappindicator 12.10.0-9.fc23 Build in koji
libgdiplus Yes 3.12-1.fc23 Build in koji
libgpod Yes 0.8.3-9.fc23 Build in koji
libyui-bindings (mono-yui) 1.1.0-8.fc23
log4net Yes 1.2.13-4.fc23 Build in koji
mono Yes 4.0.1-7.fc23
mono-addins Yes 1.1-1.fc23 Build in koji
mono-basic Yes 4.0.1-1.fc23 Updated to 4.0.1. Build in koji
mono-bouncycastle 1.8.0-0.1.rc1.fc23 Need move to 4.5 profile
mono-cecil Yes 0.9.6-2.fc23 Build in koji
mono-cecil-flowanalysis 0.1-0.23.20110512svn100264.fc23 Build in koji
mono-debugger 2.10-10.fc23 Build in koji
mono-reflection 0.1-0.10.20110613git304d1d.fc23 Build in koji
mono-tools Yes 3.10-2.fc23 Build in koji (was
mono-zeroconf Yes 0.9.0-14.fc23 Build in koji
monobristol Build in koji
monodevelop Yes 5.9.4-2.fc23 Build in koji
monodevelop-debugger-gdb Fedora package install without changes if Copr is configured
monosim 1.5.2-10.fc23 Build in koji
nant Yes 1:0.92-1.fc23 Build in koji Boostrapped into Rawhide. TODO: Next run without bootstrap requires nunit 2.6.3
ndesk-dbus Yes 0.6.1a-18.fc23 Build in koji
ndesk-dbus-glib Yes 0.4.1-19.fc23 Build in koji
nini Yes 1.1.0-7.fc23 Build in koji
notify-sharp Yes 0.4.0-0.24.20100411svn.fc23 Build in koji
pdfmod 0.9.1-10.fc23 Build in koji
pinta 1.6-3.fc23 Build in koji
poppler-sharp Yes 0.0.3-7.fc23 Build in koji
qyoto 4.14.3-4.fc23 Build in koji
rescene 1.2-11.fc23 Build in koji; was [4]
smuxi 1.0-0.4.rc3.fc23 Build in koji (was [5])
sparkleshare 1.2.0-4.fc23 Build in koji
taglib-sharp Yes Build in koji
themonospot-base 0.8.2-14.fc23 Build in koji
themonospot-console 0.1.1-13.fc23 Build in koji
themonospot-gui-gtk 0.2.2-14.fc23 Build in koji
themonospot-gui-qt 0.1.3-17.fc23 Build in koji
themonospot-plugin-avi 0.1.1-13.fc23 Build in koji
themonospot-plugin-mkv 0.1.1-13.fc23 Build in koji
tomboy Yes 1.15.4-6.fc23 Build in koji
uwsgi (uwsgi-plugin-mono) 2.0.9-8.fc23 Build in koji
webkit-sharp Yes 0.3-15.fc23 Build in koji
xsp Yes 3.8-1.fc23 Build in koji (was

New packages for mono stack

Nuget and nunit are mandatory because monodevelop 5 depend on it and must be updated to work with mono 4. Other packages are desirable to be packaged and included in Fedora, but are not mandatory to accomplish goal of Mono 4 Change.

Package In Copr Status In Rawhide Notes
gtk-sharp3 Yes Done 2.99.3-11.fc23 Build in koji
monodevelop-database Yes Review request
mysql-connector-net Yes Review request
notify-sharp3 Yes Review request
npgsql Yes Review request
nuget Yes Done 2.8.5-2.fc23 Build in koji
nunit Yes Done 2.6.4-8.fc23 Build in koji

Contingency Plan

  • Contingency mechanism: Still in Mono 2.10
  • Contingency deadline: Beta freeze
  • Blocks release? No
  • Blocks product? Monodevelop >= 5


Release Notes