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Platform Python Stack: Roamap

There should be a copr repo where this all happens. In order to have permission, it has been created in the python-sig group:

  • create the platform-python package
    • by cstratak
    • stdlib and site-packages installs to /usr/lib(64)/platform-python3.6
      • done
    • /usr/libexec/platform-python
      • done
    • python3-config to platform-python-config, make it work
      • excluded the python-config binaries for now
    • to, make it work
      • done
    • probably drop tkinter and tools until proven needed
      • stalled, it can be done later
    • Make Platform-Python build without bootstrapping:
      • drop dependency on setuptools, pip, wheel
      • undo de-bundling of setuptools and pip, but delete the bundled pip wheel, making Python crash when -m venv is invoked
        • pip wheel is removed, setuptools is there
        • LATER make it not crash, but report a decent error message such as "Creating virtual environment with platform-python is not supported and is disabled. Use python3 instead."
    • Enable the test suite
      • Two test case failures so far
        • One related to systemd-nspawn and the other to sysconfig, both can be safely skipped
    • Enable profile guided optimizations and link time optimizations
      • Done
    • /usr/libexec/platform-python3.X
      • Done
  • start adding platform-python subpackages up until dnf
    • done
    • add bcond conditionals for all 3 subpackages: %bcond_without python2, python3, platform_python
    • if present, remove the system python abi macro and/or shabeng adjusting for system-python
    • check if the platform-python(abi) works

  • adjust dnf
    • make /usr/bin/dnf use /usr/libexec/platform-python, make it require platform-python-dnf instead of python3-dnf
    • done

  • remove system-python
    • by churchyard / mhroncok
    • done
  • cleanup
    • remove '/usr/lib64/' from platform-python's sys.path
    • Revisit bundled setuptools

Bootstrap order for Fedora

As we build stuff in copr, record it here so we know how to build it in Fedora: