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This is a draft!

We want to try syncing the classroom sessions with each Fedora release. For example, in the weeks leading up to and after the release, the community is busy working on and promoting the release itself. Therefore, it makes little sense to organise classroom sessions during this period. Not only do we have our hands full, we also run the risk of competing for marketing space with release related information. So, in general, we want to schedule sessions in the relative silent period between two releases. Planning for sessions months in advance also enables us to prepare better, pick sessions that will be relevant to each release, and most importantly, enables us to host a couple of classrooms in succession like a "semester". This plan will chalk out a brief timeline, and we'll tweak it and ask the FPgM for more input too.


In general, we have 4 phases for each "semester". Please see the table below for milestones.

Phase 1: preparation for semester N+1

This lasts approximately 6--7 weeks.

This will be a week before Release N+1 goes beta. Here, we shall hold a special Join SIG meeting to agree on what sessions we'll feature in the coming semester. We will pick from the various proposed sessions that we've gathered until then. This implies that we need to remain pro-active (as we are) and open tickets for whatever sessions we find interesting/relevant to the coming release.

Deliverables from this meeting:

  • List of selected sessions.
  • Tentative order of these sessions.
  • Assignation of tickets to team members (maybe in a round robin format so that each member has a week or two of rest before the next session they are in-charge of comes up).

Phase 2: semester N + 1

This lasts approximately 8 weeks.

This is where we have classroom sessions every week. Deliverables:

  • Pre-scheduled magazine posts announcing the sessions (ideally, these should be ready and scheduled in the preparation period).
  • The session(s).
  • Session feedback metrics etc.---to be published in a session report on the commblog 2 weeks after the session (DISCUSS).
  • We will continue to check how they're going at our weekly meetings (ADD TO NEXT_MEETING TEMPLATE)

Phase 3: semester N + 1 analysis

This lasts 2 weeks.

Here, we gather the data we already have from the whole semester and write it up in a report.


  • Semester report.

Phase 4: semester N + 2 preparation

The cycle continues.

Key Milestones

These are modelled on the F30 release.

Date Fedora release milestone Fedora classroom milestone
2018-08-14 Branch Fedora 29 from Rawhide (Rawhide becomes future F30)
2018-10-30 Fedora 29 Release Classroom semester 29 readiness meeting #1
2018-11-13 Classroom semester 29 readiness meeting #2 (FINAL)
2018-11-30 Announce classroom "semester 29" schedule (release + 4 weeks)
2018-12-13 Semester 29 start
2019-02-01 Semester 29 ends (8 weeks: maximum 8 classroom sessions)
2019-02-15 Publish end of semester 29 report
2019-03-11 Preparation starts for semester 30: Classroom semeseter 39 preparatory meeting (to discuss what sessions to hold).
2019-03-26 Beta Release (Preferred target)
2019-04-02 F30 Beta Release (Target #1)
2019-04-30 Fedora 30 Final Release (GA) (Preferred target)
2019-05-07 Fedora 30 Final Release (GA) (Target #1)
2019-06-07 Announce classroom "semester 30" (release + 4 weeks)