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The following is a checklist to help the classroom lead ensure each session is held properly. The lead should make sure the rest of the volunteers carry out their tasks on time too.

Every release

The team should come together to communicate past work and future plans with the community:

[ ] Magazine post summarising past release's sessions and giving an idea of what's planned for the current release, and a brief call for help.
[ ] CommBlog post doing the same

These posts should be general, but if possible, it'll be nice to have metrics and graphs in here to show participation trends, for example.

3 weeks to a session


[ ] Wranglers get in touch with instructor to confirm schedule + topic + classroom summary.
[ ] Wranglers pass on summary to marketing sub team.
[ ] Wranglers check Fedora calendar and update as needed
[ ] Wranglers gets in touch with volunteers to find an Emcee for the session.
[ ] Wranglers set up feedback survey form for the session.

2 weeks to a session

CommBlog/Magazine liaisons

[ ] CommBlog post draft submitted for review
[ ] Magazine post draft submitted for review

[ ] CommBlog post scheduled for publication in next week
[ ] Magazine post scheduled for publication in next week


[ ] Emcee check wiki page and update as needed
[ ] Emcee check session location is ready (IRC/other platform)

1 week to a session

CommBlog/Magazine liaisons

[ ] Check that both Magazine and CommBlog posts went out

All volunteers

[ ] Ensure word is spread on social media


[ ] Send announcement e-mail to classroom ML (sufficient?)
[ ] Advertise on Social Media? 
[ ] Send out a message on Fedora Telegram group? (has around 1k members)

Day of the session


[ ] Does their thing


[ ] Introduces instructor and session
[ ] Asks common questions
[ ] Keeps check of disruptive participants if any

[ ] Provides participants with survey link
[ ] Sends out logs + metrics + summary to mailing list
[ ] Updates wiki page

Days after session

All volunteers

[ ] Move the session to be listed in Previous Sessions in the wiki
[ ] Provide links to Slides/Notes if any
[ ] Add the link of Session Recording/Logs and Survey Link
[ ] Wait for people to answer survey questions and then, close the survey. 
[ ] Summarise session, analyse information collected from survey, write summary report.