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Colby Hoke

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  • Hello, I'm a Red Hat employee. I work for the Brand Communications + Design group, which is a part of the Corporate Marketing department at Red Hat.
  • I can be found on the 4th floor of the Venture III building, Centennial Campus, in Raleigh, NC and my current job title is: producer.
  • If you've ever seen videos on Red Hat Magazine or about Fedora in the past year or so, that was probably some of my work. I do shooting, video editing, motion graphics, and rendering for most of our videos along with the help of others, such as: Napoleon Wright, Islam Elsedoudi, Mike Esser, Tim Kiernan, Kristin Hondros, Adrienne Yancy, Josh Gajownik, and Colin Dodd.
  • That's it for the shout-outs right now.
  • I have two tattoos. One is the Creative Commons logo, on my right wrist. The other is Banksy's girl holding bomb, on my left bicep.


  • My IRC nick is: c_hoke
  • My email is: choke at redhat dot com
  • Yes, you can call me choke. You can also call me: cubby, corduroy, or colbster. Just as long as you call me.


  • I'm trying my best to be a part of this community. I currently am heading up the Fedora Marketing SIG.
  • Feel free to get involved!


  • I like Duke basketball, Notre Dame football, New Jersey Nets basketball, and Indianapolis Colts football.
  • I cheer against: UNC, USC, LA Lakers, and the Patriots.


  • My favorite food is: Red Curry Chicken.
  • My favorite mixed drink is: the lovely White Russian.
  • My favorite beer is: free, but if I must pay, I like Lucifer, Delerium Tremens, Young's Double Chocolate Stout, and PBR.
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