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Collaborate is intended to build a non-profit online community for facilitating global collaboration and improve free software development at large. Using Web 2.0, we will connect a global network of participants with collaborative projects, allowing people around the world to develop software without borders. This effort will feature a community section allowing members to share ideas, connect with art projects, and participate in many different ways.

What is a Collaborative Project Idea?

  • Anything rational and nothing like "I am planning to create a Fedora CD that will fly me to moon and come back from there - I am planning to call it U.F.O. - with F in middle to represent Fedora".
  • It should be something on which a group of people can work. It should not be something like - "I have decided to contribute by adding a link on my website to the Fedora Project Wiki".
  • A project idea is not a campaign idea. Don't say - "I have decided to install GNU/Linux in my college lab". That is indeed important but not a project idea. For that part you can visit the page to share campaign ideas.
  • A Collaborative Project Idea can be non specific to Fedora. The goal to collaborate is FOSS development at large.