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Communications plan for French event
Our event is called "Rencontres Fedora" and "CSI" is the event place. We will use it to create a new one for Fedora 15 lunch.



Fedora is a leading GNU/Linux distribution. Started and sponsored by Red Hat, it is always going forward with a strength community. For the Fedora 14 release, the Fedora Community is organizing a release party the Saturday 4th of December. This event will occur during the "First Open Saturdays" (a french open source event) at the Paris' "Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie".

This communications plan is aimed to help organizing this event.

Environmental Scan

Strengths Weaknesses

Huge community

A great GNU/Linux OS for all users


Always leading, working to freeing up the world with many contributors

Could be seen as hard to start with


Targeted audience

Most people will be between 20 and 35 years old. Linux users, they already know the Fedora Project quite well and have some IT knowledge. Early-adopters even innovators, they are always online using their smartphone and several social networks (twitter, Facebook...), and they like gadgets. They are also really concerned by freedom, that's why they could be useful for helping the community.


Cognitive (to promulgate)

First objective: to explain Fedora the advantages to every people Secondary objective: to expose new Fedora 14 features

Emotional (to share our love)

First objective: improving the Fedora view, showing that it is a distribution for everybody and not only Linux users. Secondary objective: to strengthen the link between contributors and users. It will be easier for them to interact more than before.

Conative (to make users acting)

First objective: to expend the users community Secondary objective: to enroll new contributors


With talks and workshops, visitors will be able to understand the Fedora Project, Fedora and its new features, as they cab come with their laptop or usb stick and ask help to install Fedora!


Light but institutional.


The communication strategy starts on November 15th and ends on December 10th.


There is no defined budget but french ambassadors will provide what is needed.


  • Hosting :
  • Radio : None
  • Blog : None
  • Press : None
  • Web Press : None

Action plan

Announcement phase

From Monday the 15th of November untill Friday the 3rd of December.

Visual identity

We plan to create a specific logo and artwork for this bi-annual event. To concord with our target, they will have to be well designed, without photos, cliparts nor screenshots.


Write an announcement for, its forum and its wiki as well. It will display useful information like the event place and its schedule. Not explaining talk details is important. This imply not uploading slides in advance

Title Type Target Contact Done?
asso.fedora-fr Fedora-fr Wiki Fedora's user None by Kévin Raymond
Fedora-fr Fedora forum Fedora's fr users None by Kévin Raymond
Présence PC IT forum IT users None by Kévin Raymond
Clubic IT forum IT users None by Kévin Raymond
Génération NT IT forum IT users None by Kévin Raymond
Hardware-fr IT forum IT users None by Kévin Raymond
Futura-sciences Scientific forum Scientists None by Kévin Raymond Development forum Developers None by Kévin Raymond IT Eng School - Forum Developers None by Kévin Raymond IT Eng School - Forum French agenda for FOSS events None by Kévin Raymond


Send a press release to free press actors (metro, direct soir, direct matin). It will inform about the event and give them all needed information about Fedora to be able to write an article. The writing press world is really complex (many codes, syntax...). As we don't have anyone to be the press specialist, this actions to be strictly controlled and clearest as possible. One risk could be to be seen as professionals with a strong amateurishness background. This could lead to bad advertisement.

Title Type Target Contact Give Live CD Done?
Metro PGI Everybody Florence Santrot No Kévin Raymond (11-23-10)
20 minutes PGI Everybody No No Kévin Raymond (11-23-10)
Direct matin PGI Everybody No No Kévin Raymond (11-23-10)
01net Pure player IT pro No Yes Kévin Raymond (11-23-10)
Zataz Pure player Security mag No Yes Kévin Raymond (11-23-10)

Blog / webRadio / webTV

Move forward bloggers interested by the open source. This concern the use of the public opinion leaders strategy (very important for the IT). Those will received a press kit. As they already know (at least a bit) GNU/Linux, readers will need more details as the written press. To attract them, we would like to send them a Fedora 14 Live CD as they would be able to test it quickly without downloading it.

Title Type Target Contact CD Webradio contact CHEZ No Webradio Important.png No Webradio Important.png No WebTV Yes WebTV Yes Blog Yes Blog Yes Blog Yes Blog Yes Blog Yes Blog Yes Blog Yes Blog Yes Blog Important.png No

=> The press kit as been sent on December the 1st by Kévin Raymond.


Create a Facebook event. Content will be the same as the one for the general announcement, but adapted to match more people.


Create an event on the professionals social networks. Linkedin is the largest international social network. Therefor, it has to be written in English.


Create a twitter hashtag (#rf14) in order to regroup all tweets related to the event. Every tweet should be shorter than 100 chars and contain links (photo, announcement...) so it can be retweet easily.


Send and email at localized mailing lists (fr-user, announce, newsletter...). It has to catch every users.

Accompanying phase

From 2pm till 6pm the 4th of December.


Print posters for the CSI to help finding the event. From the entrance to the rooms, the GNOME footprints would be sticks on the roof.


A day watch would be done on twitter using the twitter hashtag to help managing the event. Announcement could be done regarding talks and workshops.


Someone would be in charge to take pictures and upload them directly online.

Slides sharing

Upload online the slides used during presentations.

Newsletter subscription

Create a box for people to give us their email address for receiving further information. Business card could be used later while looking for sponsoring.

Fidelization phase

From the 5th of December until the 10th of December.


Write a forum post to thanks people for their visit and contributor for their helps. Give them some links (pics, links...). All bloggers who will write an article would be personally thanked.

Feedback (forum/twitter/facebook)

Ask a feedback to the most interested users (the one that would give us their email) to help us to analyse our event.

Event Report

An event report will be published by the event owner (Kévin Raymond) on fpo.

Key success factors

  • Regular meeting would be done to share and show the work in progress. There will also be a last meeting, after the event to discuss how we felt about this event and how to improve the next one.
  • We have to show that our community is easy to integrate for every users. The use of nickname will be avoided for public announcement, apart for contributors. We do that in order to integrate unknown people to our discussion. All users will be at the same level.
  • There will be a watch during the project. This will help finding issues, avoid bad advertisement and conflicts. To help that, medias will be listed and personal communication will be not be recommended without talking to the event owner.
  • Web actions (forum, twitter, facebook...) will be done using the "Rencontres_Fedora" name. Credentials will be shared between ambassadors for them to be able to reuse for next events.



Date Action Target In charge
Information phase
15th to 17th nov Visual identity Every users Renaud Taburiaux
18th nov Announcement French Fedora users Kévin Raymond
15th to 27th Nov Written press Every users Kévin Raymond 23th
15th to 22nd nov Blog/WebRadio/WebTv Linux users (geek)
21st nov Facebook Every users Renaud Taburiaux
21st nov Linkedin Pro Renaud Taburiaux
18th, 22nd and 29th Nov Twitter Linux users (geek) Renaud Taburiaux
18th to 21st Nov E-mailing French Fedora users (anounce-fr) Kévin Raymond
leading phase
Saturday 4th dec Posters RF14's Visitors and CSI's visitors CSI
Saturday 4th dec Twitter Visitors and Fedora users Renaud Taburiaux
Saturday 4th dec Sharing photos online Visitors and Fedora users Renaud Taburiaux
Saturday 4th dec Slides online sharing Visitors and Fedora users Canceled
Fidelisation phase
6th Dec (morning) Thanks Visitors Done
6th Dec Event Report Fedora Project Done
5th to 10 Dec Feedback Visitors

GANTT diagram



To help us evaluate visitor feedbacks, our observations will be based on a quantitative approach:

  • Visitors number
  • French forum new registration number
  • Installation number
  • Tweet number using the hashtag (positive comments/negative ones)

Our qualitative criteria are:

  • By reading the posts and comments, we will find the positive/negative and favorable/unfavorable aspects
  • Tweet speech
  • "like" number on the Facebook event


Remember that the main goal is to increase fedora's notoriety and recruit new contributors.

This communication plan will has been approved the 15th of November during the Fedora-Fr meeting on IRC (#fedora-fr).


This event was during the PSL (first open Saturday) who attracts mostly new users. Next time, it would be better to have a two day event, the first one for every users, while the second one (Sunday) would be contributors and experienced users oriented. This would lead to new contributions, hackfest, fun...

We didn’t manage to design a logo on time for this event, but that might be done for the next event. Communications should also be started sooner.

That was a nice event. Many thanks to all visitors and contributors!