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Roll call

Max Spevack, Greg DeKoenigsberg

Last week


  • lots of time spent with Paul Frields.
  • began a conversation about improving/expanding our metric gathering.
  • finish LWN subscription stuff.
  • promote events calendar on
  • continue LinuxTag logistics.
  • find out how much money we have left to spend before end of February.
  • Brand Fuel is making us about $2,000 worth of swag.
  • play the idiot in anaconda/Fedora Unity thread.


  • Fedora TV on a test server in infrastructure.
  • Is there an engineer at Red Hat who should be at FISL?


  • new Fedora banner.
  • get in touch with Kyle and finalize logistics of Florida Linux Show.
  • get in touch with PR folks about what we want from them regarding press.
  • Talk to Mike Esser about trying to bring a video guy to an event.

Resource allocation

Mugshot (Greg)

  • who is in charge of its infrastructure?
  • who is in charge of its roadmap?
  • what do they want to do with it?
  • can the Fedora community help?

Wiki gardening (Max)

  • Chat with Rahul and Satish about making this one of Rahul's activities.
  • See about getting Fedora Bounties updated and/or rebranded (Max).
  • Add Windows Live USB stuff to the Bounties page (a GUI, testers, etc).
    • What does this project need to move forward?
  • New Projects section to the Join page (Greg and/or Max).

No action item assigned. To be revisted as soon as either Greg or Max has some extra cycles.

This week


  • bring Paul Frields into the FUDCon @ RH Summit Boston planning.
  • just keep an eye on the Creative Commons stuff.
  • see how the new tshirt planning is going.
  • look into Brazilian Portuguese live spins.
  • improved metrics and contributor benchmarking.


  • talk to HC about intern hiring age restrictions.
  • get Fedora TV running again on a test instance in Fedora infrastructure.
  • hand off Red Hat High to Lyndah Tello.
  • continue the Community Consulting conversations.


  • Florida Linux show recap on blogs and fedora-ambassadors-list.
  • get the university calendar up on the wiki.
  • what was the cost of the new Fedora banner?

Next meeting

  • intern update (Max).
  • FISL and Fedora Day Argentina, Buenos Aires, April or May (Greg).
  • community consulting deck.