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Roll call

Max Spevack, Greg DeKoenigsberg, Jack Aboutboul, Harish Pillay

Last week


  • orientation.
  • lots of budget stuff, finishing fy08 and planning fy09.
  • start working through legal issues around relocation.
  • update to Fedora Board about budget and community plans for fy09.
  • continued helping with LinuxTag planning and Fedora EMEA NPO.
  • email Jan Wildeboer at Greg's suggestion to start chatting about RH/Fedora in Europe (no response yet).
  • working to finalize Fedora IT budget for FY09.
  • begin planning FUDCon @ RH Summit Boston.
  • email interview with Paul Frields for Jonathan Roberts


  • Delivered Community Architecture pich to worldwide marketing group
  • NCSU lunch and learn
  • Reviewed Google pitch with Jennifer Venable
  • Moved FAST meeting (community consulting) to 2/25
  • UNC visit to pitch Fedora to accessibility lab
  • Fedora TV test instance inches closer to completion


  • university tour work

General (Max)

  • budget summary and how that impacts Harish.
  • expenses and budget update.

FUDCon @ Summit in Boston (Max)

  • Sign up page has been created.
  • meeting with IDG on Thursday.
  • need to transition over to Paul Frields soon.

Marketing plan for Fedora (Greg)

  • Colby doesn't really have time right now.
  • Greg will call a meeting and work through some of the Marketing open items.

University Tour (Jack)

  • a typical day at one of these schools will involve meetings with both faculty and students.
  • pitch faculty on developing classes or integrating open source into the classes.
  • when Will Cohen opened up his course at NCSU, it was full within 20 minutes.
  • talk to students opens with Truth Happens, moves into everything from there.
  • enthusiasm is key.
  • 20 schools, 11 are driving distance.

This week


  • make a page for talks and presentations.
  • get the intern stuff finalized.
  • keep on with LinuxTag.
  • keep working on the EMEA stuff.
  • keep working on FUDCon @ RH Summit, talk to Leigh about Fedora presenters.
  • RH Mag article about FOSDEM.


  • write up Fedora TV intern request.
  • keep working on google start page.
  • work on Fedora Marketing.
  • keep working on FISL.
  • keep working on Fedora TV.
  • community consulting -- calls with FAST, TI.
  • put CSEET talk up on wiki.


  • get all the university stuff on the wiki (again).
  • finish the actual presentation to present in next week's meeting.
  • set up a meeting with Leigh Day.
  • find sponsors for swag.
  • talk to websites team about a nice page and graphic designers about stuff.
  • get the NASA post up.

Next meeting

  • Jack presents his rough draft presentation to us.
  • what new metrics do we need? what do we need to measure? how can we get the most out of FAS?
  • what are the dates of new users signing the CLA over time, and how do we show our impact on that?