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Fedora 11 supports authentication using fingerprint readers. Before you can log in using your fingerprint, you need to enable fingerprint authentication in authconfig (System → Administration → Authentication) and enroll your fingerprint in gnome-about-me (System → Preferences → Personal → About Me). For a list of supported fingerprint readers, see

Fingerprints can be used for authentication in gdm and gnome-screensaver.

If you log in with a fingerprint, gnome-keyring cannot unlock the login keyring (since it uses the login password for that). Therefore, gnome-keyring will ask for your password the first time a secret is needed in the session.

For upgrades from older versions of Fedora, and if pam_fprint was installed, the package itself as well as the changes to PAM configuration should be removed (unless major changes were done to the files, running authconfig as mentioned above will clear the previous changes).

Fingerprint support in authconfig-gtk

Deleting existing fingerprints in gnome-about-me

Fingerprint enrollment wizard

Fingerprint enrollment wizard, step 2

Fingerprint enrollment wizard, step 3

Fingerprint enrollment wizard, step 4

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