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Consensus Process

Lightweight Consensus Process

  1. Post for feedback
    • receive detailed reply or
    • -1 or
    • +1
  2. Those who have something to say/add will speak up
  3. Take the winner in the +-1 count and there is your consensus
  4. If you get no replies, it does not mean no one was reading your email. It just meant that your idea was good enough and didn't seem to require support, derision, or suggestions. :)

Heavyweight Consensus Process

This is really just a full-blown, flamewar capable, many people involved version of the lightweight process. You can imagine all posts to the discussion as falling in the areas of support, derision, or suggestion. It's usually pretty obvious when you have reached consensus.

One additional suggestion:

Repeat the current standing of consensus often
To keep the discussion on track and actually reach a final consensus, give regular reports of what the current consensus and points of contention are. This keeps people from getting lost and missing what is a consensus and what is still open for debate.