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How to Sign the CLA


SSH and GPG Keys

Creating your SSH Key

Open Seahorse by selecting "Passwords and Encryption Keys" in "Applications / Acessories" menu. Click "Key / Create New Key... / Secure Shell Key / Continue". Enter a description for your key (it must to be a single word, e.g.: and click "Just Create Key". Pick a password for your key, type it, click "OK", type it again e click "OK". It's done, your key has been created.

Stop (medium size).png Tip: to discover the location of your key, right-click it and select "Properties". Select "Details" tab and look at "Location" for the location of your SSH key.

Step 5

  • Edit text file you just saved using Gedit (Text Editor) to sign by typing "I agree" and your full name.
  • Click "Edit / Preferences / Plugins", select "Text Encryption" and click "Close".
  • Click "Edit / Sign...", select your Fedora GPG key, click "OK", type the password for you key and click "OK".
  • Click "File / Save As..." and save the file as fedora-icla-{username}.txt.asc.