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Documents structured to build and publish with Publican have separate subdirectories for the PO files for each language into which the document is to be translated.

At the moment, there is no easy way for translators to add a new subdirectory through the Transifex interface, so they need to request the Documentation Project to add a new language to a particular document.

However, some languages are so frequently translated that when setting up a new Document, writers should automatically create subdirectories for them and save translators from having to make a request every time.

Before making a new document available in Transifex, run:

publican update_pot
publican update_po --langs cs-CZ,de-DE,el-GR,es-ES,fi-FI,fr-FR,he-IL,id-ID,it-IT,ja-JP,nl-NL,pl-PL,pt-BR,pt-PT,ru-RU,sr-RS,sr-Latn-RS,sv-SE,uk-UA,zh-CN

This list is based on languages that show ten or more documentation packages in the "Site Statistics" report for the Fedora Documentation site, available at plus any languages where the Fedora Release Notes have been at least partially translated in the current release cycle --

Translation teams should add their language code to the Publican command above if they want a subdirectory for their language to be added be default to every document that we publish. Conversely, if you do not want your language added to every document by default, please remove your language code.