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Ask Fedora Usability Review

Quick Observations

  • Need a better way to subscribe to tags so a user / engineer can get emailed when a new question gets asked in their field of interest. (note that there is rss support per tags; eg
  • "Red Envelope" for notifications is noisy. Comments on my answers and answers to questions are all mixed together. And, I'm getting notifications on questions I edited for grammar and spelling as if they were questions I asked.
  • The interface for dismissing notifications is also painful. If I have a long list, I don't want to have to sort through and check them off.
  • Have gotten some user feedback suggesting that the fonts are too small and cramped.
  • Moderator UI: A post was flagged as offensive. That post was then deleted. I looked at it. The icon indicating that there are flagged posts did not go away until I manually removed all flags from the post. That's bad, because it's nice to still know which posts were flagged as bad for historical reasons. Clearing the flag should be an action one takes when the flag is invalid, not when the post is dealt with. It would be better to remove the alert for moderators once a post has been deleted, and to have a separate moderator's page listing all recent flags and their disposition (flag cleared or post deleted) and who took the action.
  • bug: when I hit the enter key in the "update summary" field when editing a question, it didn't save the edit, but instead reloaded the page with all of my edits gone (including the summary).
  • if I delete an answer as a mod, it is really deleted -- I don't see a way to get it back.
  • on a similar note, if I comment on a deleted answer, I want the original poster to see my comment. (on stack exchange, deleted posts are visible to the original poster and to users with very high rep)
  • something very weird happens with — if you click on one there, you'll see questions with that tag. But go back and click another tag, and you'll get no results, until you start a new search by clicking on the "start over" link. (bug, I guess)
  • That whole tag cloud page is overwhelming and ugly. As it stands, what's it for? Can we make it be a way to follow topics you're interested in? (Stack Exchange has some rudimentary features for this, but they're not great. Maybe this is an area where Askbot could be better.)
  • nothing distinguishes moderators. On Stack Exchange, mods get a ♦ after their names (and that character can't be used in usernames.) We don't need to copy that, but should do something.
  • the separator between comments is too heavyweight, making long-ish comment exchanges seem even longer.
  • closing questions as duplicates should automatically give a helpful and friendly pointer to the original

Text Changes

The tips when asking a new question are generic. Currently:

  • ask a question interesting to this community
  • provide enough details
  • be clear and concise

Draft replacement

  • Ask anything about Fedora or any software in Fedora
  • Provide details — version numbers and exact error messages are helpful
  • Be clear and concise
  • Make your title specific

"Flag offensive" should just be "flag" — it's for all kinds of problems, not just offensive posts.


What do we do about this: It's a perfectly legit question, in Russian.

Other Ideas

  • It might be nice for fedora contributors to get a little fedora icon by their names.
  • Starting Reputation: on Stack Exchange, users of other sites in the network start with 100 reputation. We obviously can't do that, but what if users with an FAS account automatically got a starting bump (enough to upvote and do other basic things).