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Fedora wallpaper creation drives subsequent release media design (see Release Artwork Process for more). This page describes important aspects of creating and designing wallpaper designs.

Examples from previous Fedora releases can be found at the Fedora Wallpaper page

  • Must be a Fedora-compatible license. We have always created our own default wallpaper and licensed it, usually Creative Commons Attribution.
  • The color must be mostly blue. Fedora blue is #3c6eb4 and Fedora dark blue is #294172. Historical reasons for this; we usually get a deluge of complaints if we experiment with other colors, and the color scheme does help identifying our desktop.
  • We generally get the most positive comments about abstract wallpapers. So abstract is probably the best bet.
  • We as of late have liked pursuing themes dealing with the intersection of technology and nature. For example, the F25 wallpaper designed by Mary Shakshober brilliantly depicts an abstract flower (symbol of nature) with simultaneously soft/ephemeral/organic as well as a hard/technical/shutter-like appearance with overlapping gradients.
  • Perusing past wallpapers might be helpful to get an idea of the style, too
  • We have a famous scientist as the theme for the wallpaper. For F25 we started with A and decided on Archimedes. The visuals of F25's wallpaper were inspired by Archimedes' screw.
  • Sizes: we have 4 sizes of wallpapers we ship:
    • Standard 4096 x 3072 (4k)
    • Wide 3840 x 2400
    • Normalish 3840 x 3072
    • TV Wide 3840 x 2160
  • Must be produced in Fedora software; typically this means Inkscape and sometimes Gimp.
  • No Fedora logos