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Web Design Requirements

We provide web design services including wireframes and full mockups for websites and web applications, information design diagrams and flow charts, web banner and icon artwork, CSS and static HTML, web application theming / skinning.

File a new web design ticket

  • What's your deadline (could be date, could be Fedora release milestone)
  • Who's the developer writing the code (IRC nick + email + wiki profile page URL)
  • If you can, please provide us with example URLs of web designs that are similar to the result you're looking for
  • What type of web project is this?
    • Wireframes or mockups for a website / web application
      • Is this for a new or existing site? (if existing, provide URL)
      • Do you need CSS/HTML for the design?
    • Information design diagrams and flow charts for planning or reorganizing a web site / app
      • Is this for a new or existing site? (if existing, provide URL)
    • CSS and/or static HTML
      • Include a link to the existing design
    • Web application theming/skinning
      • Provide a link to the application project page or github page
      • Provide a link to the theming documentation if available
      • Provide a link to the deployment to be themed, if available
      • Set up a test server and provide connection/login information

For web banners, icons, or logos, please see <digital artwork requirements>

Print Design Requirements

We provide print design services including flyers, brochures, banners, event collateral, apparel/products, and media artwork.

File a new print design ticket

  • Deadline
    • Deadline for design to be sent to printer
    • Deadline for items to be shipped and ready to hand out
  • If you can, please provide us with example photos of items that are similar to the result you're looking for
  • Printer contact information if available
    • If you need printer recommendations, please include that in the ticket
  • Include any text or content needed *No, we will not write your brochure for you*
  • Is this for an event?
    • Location, date, and website/wiki page for the event
  • Is this in a language other than English?
  • Size requirements, can be standard paper size or width and height
  • For apparel or products
    • Apparel or product type
    • Number of colors to use
    • Background color of the object
    • Print or embroidery
    • Print area size (printer can provide this)
    • Templates (if provided by printer)

UX Design Requirements

We provide usability testing, usability evaluations, UX design for new applications or websites, UX design for new features for or updates to existing applications or websites, information design, ...

File a new UX design ticket

File a new design education ticket

File a new digital artwork ticket

File a new release artwork ticket - NOTE: If it will be needed per release, consider adding to automated ticket filing routine (TBD)