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SXSW 2011

These materials were originally created for SXSW 2011. See that page for more information about the event itself.

Stamp Cards



The fonts we used are PTSans, Dancing Script, Rock Salt, and Gentium. You’ll need to install the fonts if you want to use the source file. They are openly-licensed and available at Font Squirrel.

Graphic Designer






Film Maker



Free & Open Source Assets


This flyer reviews some of the best sites out there to get freely-licensed assets, such as Open Clip Art Library, Open Font Library, CCMixter, and Blend Swap, among other great sites.

This flyer also talks a bit about asset licensing, pointing out that just because something is free that doesn't mean you can use it commercially, modify it, or redistribute it. It talks about how Fedora requires all three of these things to accept content, and goes over some of the Fedora-approved content licenses.

We'd love to get more awareness for these awesome collaborative sites and hopefully inspire some SXSW-goers to join in and collaborate in creating high-quality content for these sites as well.

What Can Free & Open Source Software Do?


This flyer reviews some great works done by creatives using free & open source creative tools, including the Blender Institute's films (Sintel, Big Buck Bunny, Elephant's Dream).

With this flyer, we'd like to show that free & open source tools really are capable of producing amazing, professional-quality, and beautiful works.

Who Uses Fedora?


This flyer is a reprint of some of the interviews we did of actual Fedora users for's recent redesign. We wanted to put a face to some of the creatives already using Fedora, talking about how they use specific free & open source creative tools that are available in it to produce their works.

Guess Who Uses Free & Open Source Software?


In this flyer, we call out some of the big creative and interactive companies and brands that use open source. In researching this flyer, I was impressed to see [ how many projects Sony Pictures ImageWorks[ have open sourced, including what appears to be a color management system. They also use Cinepaint! They are one of the examples on the flyer.

How to Get Involved with Open Source: a Creative's Guide


Here's five tips for creative-minded folks who've thought about helping out a free & open source software project but weren't sure where to start. A lot of free & open source communities are still quite centered around developers and other technical folk, so this was our attempt at writing something specific for creatives and addressing the particular challenges and cultural issues they might face in trying to get involved.

These flyers are available under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license except for particular elements which are called out in the footer of each individual sheet.

Media Sleeve


Badge Stickers



Used for a special Fedora 14 edition of the Fedora Design Suite.