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DevCamp Chiriqui 2015 is an event under construction.


  1. Our purpose is to provide students in the region whether new tools for software development for the design of such.

Planning Prerequisites

  1. To-do list:
    • Decide on Location
    • Decide on date
    • Arrange Facilities
    • Planning topics
    • Ask for ticket to exhibitors
  2. Topic ideas:
    • Fedora 22: Introduccion and new features
    • Talk about Python, and Python Mobile [Kivy]
    • Desktop Apps: Python Workshop [Basic to Intermediate]
    • DevMobile: Android and Kivy Workshop [Basic]
    • Frontend: HTML5/CSS and JavaScript Workshop [Basic to Intermadiate]


  1. Location: U Del Istmo, Chiriquí [Confirmation pending]
  2. Date: September 19th, 2015
  3. Schedule: Planning