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aka Developer Conference 2014

Fedora Events: Developer Conference, Brno, Czech Republic : February 7-9, 2014


  • an Open conference for all Linux and JBoss Developers, Admins and Linux users organized by Red Hat Czech Republic
  • Presentations will be held by Red Hat, Fedora and JBoss users and developers
  • The conference has free entrance
  • Venue: Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic
  • For questions, please contact RadekVokal or Jiri Eischmann
  • Check out DeveloperConference2013 for last year event
  • Official communication channels: #devconf (Twitter), #fedora-devel@freenode (IRC)
  • Official website: (not yet finished for the 2014 edition)


Not yet published.

Fedora Day 2014 got one additional day - Fedora Day (Sun Feb 9th) which is devoted to Fedora-related sessions and hackfests. Because there are always a lot over 100 Fedora contributors present at we decided to add leverage that. We will have 5-6 rooms available on Sunday (each for at least 20 people).

Sessions at Fedora Day

If you're interested in holding a session during the Fedora Day, just add them to the table:

Name Contact Person Description
fedora-upgrade Miroslav Suchý upgrading from Fedora n to n+1 using yum, how to enhance it, what should be done differently, ideas
Dev Assistant Slávek Kabrda using Dev Assistant, creating own assistants, gathering user input and ideas
Kernel Introduction Levente Kurusa Introduction to Linux Kernel Development. Config, Build, API, patching, etc.