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DevConf.US 2018


August 17-19, Boston, MA, USA Venue: Boston University, George Sherman Union Building

Event Description 2018 is the 1st annual, free, Red Hat sponsored technology conference for community project and professional contributors to Free and Open Source technologies at the Boston University in the historic city of Boston, USA.

Event Owners

Tom Callaway

Fedora Representatives

Name Fri (17th) Sat (18th) Sun (19th) Comments
Tom Callaway X X X
Mike DePaulo X X X
Fedora Representatives
List the Fedora people here who are representing Fedora at this event including links to their personal wiki pages. When possible note the capacity in which each person will be representing the project. Some might be helping at the booth, others might be speaking, others might be running special Fedora activities at the event, etc.

Event Schedule

Booth hours are still TBD

Important Deadlines

Need to have the event box/banners shipped to Boston. Probably Tom's hotel.

Event Budget

At this time, there are no anticipated budget requests.

Travel Subsidy Requests

Travel Subsidy Requests
Each attendee requesting travel subsidies for the event should be listed here including the information requested in Sponsoring Event Attendees.
Event Funding by the Fedora Project
This section is often used to approve funding of travel subsidy requests. As such it needs to be as accurate as possible. After the event it is important to update this section to document the actual costs of the travel for our tracking and to aid us in planning future budgets.

Event Report

Mike DePaulo's Event Report