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In the May/June 2010 election, there are 5 seats open. The seats open are currently held by: Kevin Fenzi (nirik) (Chair), Dennis Gilmore (dgilmore), Bill Nottingham (notting), Seth Vidal (skvidal) and Kevin Kofler (kkofler).

Person Name (IRC nickname)

  • Mission Statement:
  • Past work summary:
  • Future plans:

Matthias Clasen (mclasen)

  • Mission Statement: Make Fedora a relevant and enjoyable operating system, both for users and contributors.
  • Past work summary: Prehistory in the TeX world. Involved with GTK+ since around 2.0, current GTK+ maintainer. Worked on Fedora since 2004, mostly on the desktop. Doing the bulk of the GNOME builds for Fedora.
  • Future plans: Improve to the way we handle software installation and updates. Improve our workflows between QA, rel-eng and contributors, to make our releases polished and high-quality. Make sure that the GNOME3 transition in Fedora works smoothly.

Kevin Fenzi (nirik)

  • Mission Statement: To help improve and guide Fedora in continuing to be the best Linux Distro out there.
  • Past work summary: Xfce Maintainer for fedora along with many other packages. I have been on FESCo since it was established. Very active on irc trying to improve support in places like #fedora. Many other things as well.
  • Future Plans: Get Fedora Engineering services busy making Fedora better. Get updates process working better. Help new contributors get involved easier.

Justin M. Forbes (jforbes)

  • Mission Statement: Work make Fedora a distribution the community can be proud of, with focus on both features and stability. Stressing the balance of new features with QA and release engineering to make Fedora releases both innovative and high quality.
  • Past work summary: Original involvement in the Fedora project was working on the port to x86_64. More recently I have been focused on virtualization within Fedora.
  • Future plans: Strive to make Fedora the best freely available distribution available.

Kyle McMartin (kylem)

  • Mission Statement: Making Fedora the most cutting edge open source operating system available.
  • Past work summary: Kernel in {Fedora, upstream}, Ubuntu, Debian. Loads of parachuted fixes into upstream projects.
  • Future plans: Continue to push for better integration of components in Fedora, respect that Fedora is more than the sum of its parts. Push for more active community contribution from upstream communities. Improve polish to compete on the desktop with Ubuntu.

Bill Nottingham (notting)

  • Mission Statement: I plan to represent the Fedora community in FESCo with an eye towards maintaining the quality and standards of the Fedora distribution, including features, testing, stability, release engineering, and so on.
  • Past work summary: Red Hat employee since 1998, developer on Red Hat Linux since 5.1, Fedora contributor since its inception, FESCo member, Fedora board member, Release engineering team member, and assorted other roles.
  • Future plans: Continue to make Fedora the best freely available distribution anywhere.

Steven M. Parrish (SMParrish)

  • Mission Statement: To guide Fedora to the next level and ensure that it's quality and vision is maintained
  • Past work summary: Member of the KDE-SiG and Bugzappers groups. Also a package maintainer and sponsor. Also help with planning FUDCons and maintain Fedora & Sugar for use on the OLPC XO-1.
  • Future Plans: Get involved in efforts to get Fedora running on the ARM architecture which will be used by the OLPC XO-3. Continue to make Fedora-KDE the best KDE platform available. Work to make bug reporting and triaging easier.

Bruno Wolff III (brunowolff)

  • Mission Statement: I want to see Fedora be the freest and openest Linux distro.
  • Past work summary: I am a packager, maintain the games spin and participate in Fedora Engineering Services. I haven't done any package reviews, but I do look at other people's packages in order to work on bugs. In particular I have been supplying patches to packages that FTBFS due to the DSO change as part my FES tasks. I post to the mailing lists and file bugs under and looking at that history should give a pretty good idea what my attitudes and capabilities are.
  • Future plans: I want to help get LZMA Squashfs support into Fedora so that it can be used with live images. I want to work on getting Ogre and related packages updated this summer for F14. Though, I'll be doing that whether or not I end up being in FESCO.