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DimitriosTypaldos/Ideas: In this new directory I am trying to describe a few points that might eventually help improving the Translation Quick Start Guide, by updating the current content of the document.

  • Introduction/description of the architecture of a po file (string composition and how the translation works)
  • How the basic translating tools work (snapshots from a working example and explanation of the advantage of using the dictionary)
  • A link to the cvs/svn/transifex faq page might be helpful giving a greater flexibility with more useful commands than the ones given in the TQSG
  • Inserting or linking information about how to create a dictionary to use within the translating tools
  • A final link towards monitoring statistics page would also be nice at this point (
  • Fedora is already started being translated in most of the existing languages. The existing guidelines about how to start translating a new language doesn't seem to me of high interest or if it even does it will be only for once and for a single user and not for a regular translator. So, maybe it this section might be better to get moved towards the end or in a separate chapter
  • Innovations, modifications and information about translating issues are happening along the way. Would a link towards a 'translation-news' or related (web/wiki) pages be of interest ?
  • As a matter of stronger invitation and/or triggering of the appreciation for a fully translated document (or software package) a final snapshot (or a link) to a translated page might be helpful in giving a complete view of the translation procedure

Many of the items above aim to the idea to gather in this document as many as possible of useful tools, faq and general information that a (new) translator might need to know, minimizing the effort to browse around.