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Software Management Tools in Fedora

The yum command-line utility is a complete software management system. Fedora also includes two graphical applications for software management that use yum. The pup utility provides an interface for updating software, and the pirut application enables you to add or remove software.

Both graphical tools appear in the Applications desktop menu. To update your system with pup, select Applications → System Tools → Software Updater. To add or remove software with pirut, select Applications → Add/Remove Software.

There is also puplet which automatically checks for, and alerts you to, updates for your system. It appears as an icon in the notification area when new updates are available. Click this icon to launch pup and update your system.

The rpm command-line utility has many functions for working with individual RPM packages. You may use it to manually install and remove packages from your system. If you install software with the rpm utility, you must manually check and install any dependencies. For this reason, pirut and yum are the recommended methods for installing software.

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Current Package Versions
The pirut and yum utilities ensure that you have the most recent version of software packages. Other methods do not guarantee that the packages are current.
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