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Security-Enhanced Linux User Guide is Live


Latest changes and a PDF:

Security-Enhanced Linux User Guide

This page is a draft only
It is still under construction and content may change. Do not rely on the information on this page.

The existing SELinux project documentation todo list.

Purpose of these Pages

Project pages for the SELinux User Guide. These pages outline the goals, audience, targets, and so on, and are used to track the progress of the project.

User Feedback

Use the SELinux User Guide Feedback page to add any comments, suggestions, or things you would like to see in the guide.

Initial Schedule

Updated 30 September 2008 to reflect slip in Fedora 10 schedule.

Based on the Fedora 10 release schedule and a 5-phase publication life cycle, the following items are due:

  • Information Plan: July 14 -> July 24 (9 days)
  • Content Specification: July 25 -> August 14 (15 days)
  • Implementation: August 15 -> November 8 (70 days)
  • Localization and Production: November 16 -> November 24 (9 days)
  • Evaluation: October 29 -> October 30 (1 day)

Documentation Process

The SELinux User Guide follows a 5-phase model for developing and maintaining content:

  1. Information Plan
    1. Information Plan: target audience, audience and document goals, content that may be included, environments the document will be used in, and localization.
    2. Project Plan: time estimations, the deliverable, subject matter experts, required resources, and metric counts (what can be done, for example, rewrite 120 pages or generate 30 new ones).
  2. Content Specification: detailed research into content, subject, and audience goals.
  3. Implementation: design and develop the deliverable.
  4. Localization and Production: translation and the final product deliverable.
  5. Evaluation Phase: evaluate the deliverable and execute a maintenance plan.


  • Mailing lists: <> and <>.
  • IRC: #fedora-selinux and #selinux on Freenode.

Meeting Minutes


  • Information Plan looks sound.

Action Items:

  • Write Project Plan:
    • 39 new pages or 120 pages of rewrite, or any combination thereof.
    • Open Fedora Hosted Project for SELinux Documentation (set).
    • Migrate all SELinux and Security related documentation from the Security Guide and Security section of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Deployment Guide.
    • Meet with David O'Brien for status report on each file.
    • Build 1st draft of content: Fedora branded in PDF, HTML, and HTML-single.
    • Move content from internal Wiki to external Wiki.

Contact Information

  • Murray McAllister: <mmcallis at redhat dot com>