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POSSIBLE NEW TOPICS (Writers: Please add your suggestions)

Proposed Topics - Installation

  1. Install a package like xmms using Pirut. (Perhaps xmms with fluendo?) - done with Banshee
  2. Install Yumex via Pirut, and then install (perhaps a game) via yumex.
  3. Use rpm from the CLI to view a list installed packages (no root password required).
  4. Use rpm to install a locally available package (root password required).
  5. Use yum to install a package from an internet repository.
  6. Use yum to provide various reports.
  7. Use yum to do a group-level installation, such as a complete KDE desktop installation -done with MySQL database group as example
  8. Advanced topic: Using smart.
  9. Advanced topic: Using apt-get.
  10. Advanced topic: Using yum-extender.
  11. Advanced topic: Using yum at installation time via the new anaconda feature.
  12. Make sure that all references to Fedora Core and Fedora Extras are replaced with appropriate details.
  13. Cover all the yum plugins and related utilities available in the repository
  14. Include details on Pirut, Pup and Puplet - done

Proposed Topics - Updating

Likewise, we should cover the topic of updating packages in a similar progression from the simple to the advanced.

  1. Update packages using Pirut -can packages be updated with Pirut? Pup isn't covered yet, waiting for updates to come through on F7!
  2. Update using Yumex.
  3. Update using yum from the CLI -done
  4. Selectively update using yum (including/excluding packages and disabling/enabling repositories).
  5. Advanced topic: Do a complete Fedora release upgrade (I actually did this successfully on a laptop with a bad CD drive and broadband internet access. - John)


Status of Wikification Process by Chapter

Chapter Status
1. Completed
2. Completed
3. Completed
4. Completed
5. Completed
6. Completed
7. Completed
8. Completed
9. Completed
10. Completed
11. Completed
12. Completed
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Status of New Material

Yum Plugins In Progress


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