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Fedora User Guide

Bugzilla # Suggested By Owner
133034 KarstenWade None

Holds useful information for primarily desktop end-users. Can be sourced from existing FC1 documentation done by ColinCharles and others.

Installing and Configuring Exim

Bugzilla # Suggested By Owner
131777 DashamirHoxha None

Alternative MTA that is now in Fedora Extras. Bug report references a document from RHL 9 that can be used as source material for an updated document.

Release Notes Beat Writer

Bugzilla # Suggested By Owner
None KarstenWade None

Refer to [wiki:Self:DocsProject/ReleaseNotes/Beats DocsProject/ReleaseNotes/Beats] for details; this lets you be a very involved writer with only a small level of commitment.

How To Report Bugs and Request Features

Bugzilla # Suggested By Owner
None RahulSundaram and others None

Start with [wiki:Self:BugsAndFeatureRequests BugsAndFeatureRequests] and build from there. Make it useful for all levels of user.

Fedora Overview Guide: Every release

Bugzilla # Suggested By Owner
None RahulSundaram Fedora Marketing collab?

Start with Docs/Beats/OverView and expand it to cover various aspects like security, desktop, unique features and so on

Command Line Survival Guide

Bugzilla # Suggested By Owner
None StuartEllis User:Vedranm (previously JamesMcElhannon)

Similar in scope to Chapter 5 and parts of Chapter 3 of the Debian User Guide. We could possibly borrow, better yet, link to TLDP how-to docs.

Fedora Guide to Useful Linux Documentation

Bugzilla # Suggested By Owner
None KarstenWade None

Links and descriptions to useful, generic Linux documentation, mainly from TLDP.

Using the PostgreSQL Database

Bugzilla # Suggested By Owner
None StuartEllis None

Tutorial on setting up PostgreSQL and the additional Red Hat management tools included with Fedora. PostgreSQL is directly competitive with "serious" databases like Microsoft SQL Server, and it would be great to promote it. The provisional title is not great, but PostgreSQL may not have enough name recognition that we can dispense with having "Database" somewhere in the title.

Free Java on Fedora

Bugzilla # Suggested By Owner
None StuartEllis None

Overview of the Free Java stack now included with Fedora. Target audience would probably be existing Java developers familiar with proprietary Java development. The ["JavaFAQ"] on this Wiki has some information that may be useful as a start point.

Python Development on Fedora

Bugzilla # Suggested By Owner
None StuartEllis None

Python is a de-facto standard for Fedora development, so we probably ought to encourage more people to learn it ! There are already lots of good material on-line, such Dive Into Python , so perhaps this tutorial should focus on setting up Fedora for Python development.

Samba/LDAP Tutorial

Bugzilla # Suggested By Owner
129739 GavinHenry None

Describes how to use Samba and LDAP together in a production environment. Content has been started and converted into basic XML, needs ownership, polish, and updating.

Installing a Simple Gateway Server

Bugzilla # Original Writing By Owner
131233 Dashamir Hoxa None

Tutorial explains how to set up a simple gateway server for a small or home networked environment. Content is out of date but approached complete. Needs owner, polish, and updating. Would you like to adopt this orphaned document?

Writing HAL Policies

Bugzilla # Suggested By Owner
None Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams None

A guide to writing HAL policies in order to affect fstab-sync et al.

Mobile Devices

Bugzilla # Suggested By Owner
216387 Razvan SANDU None

Fedora has support and tools for using a number of mobile devices, including phones and PDAs. This guide would explain how to use the tools; it could provide a shortened list of phones most likely to work, but should really link out to other sources that maintain this information.