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The complete history of this Google Summer of Code project is found at MoinDocBookProject . This page provides a weekly update location as the FDP works through the final upstream work to get this code in the Moin Moin 1.6 release, as well as migration efforts here on Tasks around this are being tracked as part of the master FDP schedule .

{{Admon/note | This content and the entirety of the project are now maintained directly through the Moin Moin Wiki at [1] | These pages are used for any internal coordination in Fedora that does not belong on the canonical project pages at [2] .{}

Status 28-Nov-2006

Here is the overall status to date.

GSoC Portions

The student completed the coding and kept his branch merged against the trunk. He but did not get the code integrated into the trunk for the next Moin Moin release.

Moin Mon 1.6 Upstream work

In order to get the code ready for inclusion in the 1.6 trunk, there are several areas that need to be addressed. [TW] is ThomasWaldmann:


  • Cleanup comments / docstrings, add some more
  • CHANGES.mvirkill has some open issues / todo
  • review it
  • merge the stuff DONE to the main CHANGES file
  • move the todo and discussable stuff to the wiki
  • User docs: The new stuff has some comments in the CODE about "what it does" - at least part of that stuff should be added to CHANGES or to some Help* page on moinmaster wiki so that people will know what's in there and what they can do with it. Maybe add some lines on the MoinFeatures page. Maybe also some use cases (for docbook dummies like me :).
  • If there is related docs or wiki pages not located in the repository

or on the moinmoin / moinmaster wiki, it should get moved there.

Coding Style

  • Code should be PEP8 compliant (mostly whitespace issues, import order), see also MoinMoin:CodingStyle
  • Minor code changes (e.g. avoid using too much str+str+str [but rather use %s] )
  • The text_docbook formatter has some "print"s in it, they maybe should get removed or commented out or replaced by logging.debug()
  • [TW] Is it just me or would maybe more people understand "admonition" better if it was renamed to "warning" or "hint" (or some other term that non-native speakers understand better)?
  • uses str+str too often, replace by output.append(...) and "".join(output)

[TW] As far as the PEP8 stuff and some other easy changes and the integration with recent 1.6 code are concerned, I can help. The problem is: I can't test that stuff (and I am also rather busy on lots of other moin stuff).

Code update

  • The code needs some changes as the last 1.6-main merge was done quite a while ago.


  • It would be nice not just getting that code into main branch, but also having some maintainer for it who is able to fix bugs if people find some.
  • KarstenWade is pursuing this with the Infrastructure team
  • [TW] As I have no clue about docbook and don't use it, that doesn't sound like it is me. :)
  • As you see at the Twikidraw stuff (in Java, and nobody of us really likes to code in Java), having code with noone wanting (or being able to) maintain it is a problem.
  • Mikko: Would you maintain that code (do you have time for such stuff?) after inclusion into main? Or anybody else?


  • We need to discuss about the "Insert" vs. "Include" macro.
  • From CHANGES.mvirkkil: "Table code is a mess and doesnt output valid docbook". Maybe we could test it again and improve it.
  • Move this todo list to the moinmoin wiki :)