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Task list

Current Tasks needing to be worked:

  • The storage guide is out of date, and users regularly ask if it will be updated. Someone needs to coordinate updates of this document, starting with contacting the Guide owner to find out their plans.
    • We need a section on SSD functionality and optimization.
    • NFSv4 is default since last publishing of this doc


  ▶ These guides may be transcluded in other places, but they originate here.

The documentation system has migrated from Publican to Antora, which uses AsciiDoc. The active projects list can be found on Pagure.

Old guides


We use Red Hat's Bugzilla instance for tracking issues and tasks within the Docs Project. It is always helpful to provide input and patches to bugs.

You can query Bugzilla or use one of the following links to find tickets that are open:

Content tasks

These tasks are for the creation of content -- research, writing, editing, and publishing.

The page for these tasks pulls in lists from the content and admin tasks. Students are equal contributors so do not have a separate task/tracking page. This page is an aggregate to draw attention to specific areas for interested students. This list is currently focused toward students involved in a class using open source in the curriculum. (Experimental idea quaid 18:46, 3 September 2008 (UTC))

Admin tasks

These tasks make Docs happen -- tools, project management, leadership