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Spin Guide

The tasks in this section are all for the creation and maintenance of docs relating to custom spins of Fedora. This includes docs about livecd-tools, pungi and Revisor.



1. Complete Revisor documents. This includes a number of documents:

  • Documentation style document (i.e. included with RPM), listing and explaining all functions of Revisor, needs completing and editing for docs style. Can be found here .
  • How To style documentation, that walks inexperienced users step by step through several usage scenarios. This content needs creating from scratch in this location . Here's a list of current topics for this doc:
  • Respin with custom packages
  • Creating CDs off original DVD
  • Creating unattended installation media
  • Creating a very small installation CD and using the installation tree over the network
  • Creating a repository for use with livecd-tools/pungi/revisor (private packages)
  • Customizing live media using kickstart scripts
  • Configuring the Live Media to use the correct video driver
  • Using Revisor to create an offline installable live media CD or DVD
  • Using Revisor to make your system live