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The order of these sections defines their priority.

Easier tasks for new(er) contributors

Categorize all documentation pages

Create at least one new stub category for each current ProjectName/ space

For example, create a stub category for EPEL: Category:EPEL

Renaming of end-user focused content (documentation)

E.g. FedoraLive/LiveUSBHowTo => How_to_make_a_bootable_USB_of_a_live_Fedora_image

Moving obsolete content to Archive:

Move meeting minutes to Meeting: namespace

Find and prune orphans and dead links

Task doers

Task how to

Move pages from Docs/*/ nesting

Harder tasks for the more experienced

Resolve page naming debate

Create self-explaining Example_wiki_page

Reorg of packaging policy

PackagingGuidelines needs love and maybe a new front walk-through page (top priority). Dependent on resolving the naming and wiki structure questions.



  • Mailing list link
  • IRC channel
  • VoIP meeting #

How to proceed on this task

This one needs to happen in a user sandbox or other drafting space.

Prepare migration of DocsProject pages as a reference migration

  • See how Fonts_SIG is organized, how it was migrated
  • Map all pages in DocsProject project namespace
  • Make sure all DocsProject documents are properly categorized.

Grow wiki gardening how to pages

Update and maintain wiki gardening task list

Describe policy of what is obsolete

For documentation/wiki: N+1, N, N-1, and N-2 are all valid