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The Docs Project receives many requests for membership through the Fedora accounts system. In an effort to be as welcoming as possible, we would like to approve as many of these requests as possible as quickly as possible. If you approve a request from a person who has not previously introduced herself or himself on the mailing list or (as far as you know) in IRC, send them an email along the following lines to invite them to say hi and let us know how they're interested in contributing.

Hi [NAME], and welcome to the Docs Project. Your next step should probably be to sign up to the Docs mailing list[1] (if you haven't already) and introduce yourself to the other members of the team.

We also converse regularly in IRC, in the #fedora-docs channel on Freenode. If you haven't used IRC (Internet relay chat) before, take a look at the "How to communicate using IRC" page on the Fedora wiki.[2]

Once again, welcome to the project -- please get in touch soon and tell us how you'd like to get involved. If you have any questions or problems signing up to the list or getting started in IRC, please email me back and I'll be happy to help.




[2] IRC