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Atomic Host

Fedora 22 introduces Fedora Atomic Host Image, featuring Docker and tools from Project Atomic.

Docker is an easy to use interface for running application containers on Linux.The Atomic Host is optimized for running containers, coming out of the box with storage tuned for Docker and atomic upgrades.

Tunir Continuous Integration

Fedora Cloud images are tested using Tunir, a simple continuous integration framework. The tool is packaged in Fedora, so anyone can use Tunir to test their cloud images, or any other application using docker, or bare metal installations.

Learn about Tunir at

Vagrant Images

Fedora now offers Vagrant users easy-to-consume Fedora 22 Atomic and Cloud flavored Vagrant boxes. Vagrant is a tool for building and distributing development environments. Many developers prefer to work with Vagrant for their development work, using Vagrant to lower their development setup time, increase productivity, and avoid having to specifically install an OS each time they wish to use it for development.