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PHP 7.0

The PHP language libraries available from Fedora are now updated to version 7.0 of the popular web development language. Much of the packaging work has been proven by veteran packager and PHP expert Remi Collet in his php70 repository for Fedora 24 and will now be available in the official Fedora 25 repositories.

Migrating from legacy PHP

Early adopters of PHP 7.0 have reported substantial performance gains and reduced resource consumption, but many projects developed for PHP 5.x are not fully compatible with the newer version of the language. For guidance on migrating their applications, developers should refer to upstream documentation:

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Consumers of popular CMS platforms such as Wordpress or Joomla should evaluate both the platform and any extensions or plugins they use. PHP projects packaged by Fedora have been evaluated by the Fedora PHP Special Interest Group but plugins and the like from other sources may not be compatible.

PECL Extensions

The move to PHP 7 brings new features, but many extensions to the language have not been updated for it, or have not been actively maintained. While the **PHP SIG** strives to maintain a complete collection of PHP extensions in Fedora, some packages will be dropped due to incompatibility or lack of maintenance. The Fedora Packages App provides up to date information on the state of Fedora's packages; retired extensions will show 'None' for their latest released version, or developers can refer to the status page maintained by Remi.