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This page contains links to a wide variety of documentation available for musician who use Fedora Linux. It is not restricted to the "audio creation" applications provided by the Audio Creation SIG, but also includes software like Solfege and LilyPond.

Fedora Musicians' Guide

To be released with Fedora 14, the Fedora Musicians Guide (available at this link) contains installation instructions and tutorials for several of the most popular music and audio applications and programs available in Fedora Linux. The tutorials are designed to introduce each application's basic features, and show you how to make a basic creative project in that application.

This section will eventually contain links to information about the document, how to contribute, what to do when errors/mistakes/omissions are discovered, and how to request new software.

Fedora Wiki

The wiki itself houses a collection of other documents related to music and audio creation, and as they are found and polished, they will be posted here. These documents supplement the material available in the Musicians' Guide.


The internet also contains a collection of other documents related to music and audio creation. Some of the best, most useful, and most difficult to find are listed here.