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Ed Hill

I'm a Fedora Extras volunteer mostly interested in scientific computing, data acquisition and analysis, parallel computing and clusters, and related topics. I think Fedora is a good platform for these activities and would like to see it improve with the addition of more easy-to-use packages. For further discussion, please see the Fedora ["Extras/SIGs/SciTech"] .

Contact info:

Things I currently maintain include:

People I've sponsored:

  • KevinCole
  • RolandDreier
  • DawidGajownik
  • SergioPascual
  • SimonPerreault
  • GarrickStaples
  • MatthewTruch

Things that I'd like to improve are:

  • the availability of various C/C++/Fortran numerical libs
  • the MPI situation (see UsingMultipleMPIs)
  • overall, package more of the bits that I frequently use