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This is an end-user survey for users of the Fedora operating system.

User demographics

  • Age range
  • Gender
  • Country

Contributor ?

  • Are you a contributor to the Fedora Project?
    • If not, what is keeping you from contributing?
    • If yes, what areas are you contributing?

Fedora Information

  • How do you obtain your Fedora releases? (Direct download, DVD at conferences...)
  • What methods do you use to obtain support for Fedora? (IRC, Fedora Wiki, ....)

Other Random Questions worth considering

  • Have you ever filed a bug report in bugzilla?
  • have you voted in the various commitee election ( 1 question per commitee )
    • if no, why ? ( freeform text field )


  • How many computers do you have Fedora installed?
  • How do you use Fedora (personal, business, etc)?

Split by installation type

(Note: Limesurvey can split down multiple paths based on question type (either/or, checkboxes for all paths, etc.)


  • What is your primary desktop?
  • How often do you upgrade your Fedora release?
  • Is your usage for professional purposes or as a hobbyist?
  • Primary use cases: (Development, general productivity, etc)


  • Is your server for production/test/learning/? ?
  • How often do you upgrade your release of Fedora?
  • What is the primary workload your server(s)? (all that apply) - (webserver, file server, database, mail server, backups, media server, etc)

Virtualization/Cloud Guest

Embedded (Other?)