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Представление отчета о мероприятии являтся обязательным в том случае, если для этого Вы получили от Проекта Fedora деньги, имущество или поддержку в СМИ.

Правила подготовки отчета

  • Организатор мероприятия отвечает за подготовку сообщений о мероприятии. Количество сообщений зависит от масштабов события, желательно размещать сообщения регулярно в течении всего события.
    • 1-2 дня = не менее 1 сообщения
    • 3 дня = не менее 2 сообщений
    • 4 дня = не менее 3 сообщений
    • N дней = не менее N-1 сообщений.
  • Организатору мероприятия следует поощрять написание заметок о мероприятии всеми его участниками. Anyone who receives sponsorship must write blog posts, with the same requirements as the event owner.
  • A summary post to the Fedora Ambassadors mailing list at the end of the event that provides links to all the blog posts, both by the event leader and by other community members at the event.

Рекомендации по содержанию отчета

The following are suggestions as to what to include in a blog post or summary post to the Ambassadors mailing list following an event. An ambassador does not have to answer all of the questions here and some may not apply to an event.

Did something interesting happen at the event that does not fit to one of these questions? Post about it! We want to hear about it! This list is to help generate ideas for your event report, not meant to limit the content of your event report.

  • How many people were at the event? Was the Fedora booth busy?
  • What kind of comments did you receive about Fedora?
  • Were there any questions that were asked many times?
  • Were there repeated suggestions for improvement in a particular area for Fedora?
  • Did you meet anyone using Fedora in an interesting way or on a large scale?
  • Did you have a 'Birds of a Feather' session? What did you cover? How many people attended?
  • Were there any Fedora talks or sessions as part of the event? What were they about? What was the attendance?
  • How much swag did you give away or sell? (i.e. did you run out of DVDs? Sell all the T-shirts?) What swag was popular?
  • Did you have a Live USB creation station? Were there any other interactive demos at the booth (OLPC or other)? Were the demonstrations well-received?
  • Did you sign up any contributors (ambassador, packager, infrastructure, artist, etc)?
  • Include pictures in your blog post if at all possible.
  • What other distros or companies were at the event? Did you hear or learn anything interesting from other organizations?