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Linux Developer Conference Brazil is a new conference that aims to bring the communities of the core FLOSS projects that compose modern linux systems together. It is a space to connect developers, enthusiasts, and companies and also foment the development of both communities and industry of FLOSS in Brazil.

The scope of the conference includes the upstream development of projects like the Linux kernel, systemd, containers, wayland, gcc, and any other low level components in the Linux world.

This is the first edition of the conference in Brazil, but it has a lot of potential. Among the sponsors are Collabora and openSUSE.

Event website.

Fedora activities

There will be no Fedora specific activities at this event. However, it would be nice to have Fedora representatives there: this has the potential to be a great low level software development event with dozens of contributors of important upstream projects, such as the kernel.


  • November 11th, 2017


  • Instituto de Computação - Unicamp
  • Albert Einstein
  • Cidade Universitária
  • Campinas, SP - Brazil


Name City Arrival Departure Hotel Need travel subsidy?
Athos Coimbra Ribeiro São Paulo, SP - Brazil Nov 11 Nov 12 Yes Yes
Rodrigo Siqueira São Paulo, SP - Brazil Nov 11 Nov 12 Yes No


We will stay in a hotel near Unicamp


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