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  • FLISOL stands as Latin-America's Free Software Installation Festival
  • and aims to install as many systems with Linux and free software.
  • Also, there are mini-courses and speakings.
  • It happens in many cities and countries and happens in the same day.
  • The main page for the Event is


  • Brasilia, DF, Brazil


  • Mar 25, 2006


  • HugoCisneiros


  • HugoCisneiros will be responsible for installing and supporting Fedora Core Systems (as this is an InstallFest)
  • HugoCisneiros will present a talk about the Fedora Project and will distribute Fedora LiveCDs in Brasilia, DF
  • SERPRO (Government's Company) will distribute 80 of their FC4 LiveCDs (see LiveCDs )
  • HugoCisneiros will distribute 50 of Kadischi created FC5 LiveCDs
  • HugoCisneiros will distribute 30 copies of his Linux guide, TLM (
  • More information and subscription at:


  • RodrigoMenezes: I'll get an update with him and post in our list. we still have some DVDs from FC4 here but I really don't know what he needs
  • Done.
  • AlexMaier: you could burn the FC5 dvds yourself if you can? it is important that people hear about Fedora and can try it out.
  • The FC4 and FC5 LiveCDs will propagate Fedora to users to try it out. As this is an InstallFest, if they want, Fedora will be installed on people's system.
  • AlexMaier: we can reimburse you for some of the production cost by PayPal. Famsco is working on having reimbursement guidelines put in place :)
  • It will not be needed this time, as HugoCisneiros got partnership with some companies and friends. But it's a great resource! Good work!