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FLISOL Cusco 2016


  • Date: Saturday 2016-04-23
  • Location: Universidad Global del Cusco

Event Description

FLISoL is the largest event in Latin America about Free Software and is aimed at all audiences: students, academics, employers, workers, government officials, fans and even people who do not have much computer knowledge.

FLISoL is performed since 2005 and since 2008 its performance Saturday 4th April each year was adopted. Admission is free and its main objective is to promote the use of free software, making known to the general public its philosophy, scope, progress and development.

The event is organized by the various local communities of Free Software and developed simultaneously with events in which it is installed, for free and completely legal, free software on computers that carry the audience. artistic, academic, business and social: Moreover, in parallel, lectures, presentations and workshops on local, national and Latin American themed around Free Software in all its range of expressions are offered.

Event Owners

Fedora Representatives

Event Schedule

Work in progress


  • FLISOL will have parallel talks in three different rooms.
  • FLISOL will have two discuss events about:
    • Free software solutions for enterprise and small business.
    • Free softeare solutions for education.

Important Deadlines

  • Talks Topics: The talk topics will be defined at 2016-03-28
  • Talks material: The slides, manuals, etc will be finished at 2016-04-16

Event Budget

Quantity Expense Unitary Cost Total cost
80 Snacks $2 $160

Travel Subsidy Requests

Not applicable

Event Report