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Fedora Legacy

This project has moved to our new home [1] . Please visit us there. Thanks!

IRC channel for discussion: #fedora-legacy

Mailing List now available [2]

Production Legacy notes

  • [wiki:Self:Extras/LegacyRPMUpgrade Legacy RPM Upgrade]
  • [wiki:Self:Extras/FedoraChannels Fedora Channels]

Some initial notes for [wiki:Self:Extras/FedoraLegacy Fedora Legacy] :

  • Beginnings of scope definition - [3]
  • SethVidal post to fedora-test [4] .
  • David J. Bianco's post to Fedora-Legacy - [5]
  • Possibly legacy supported for every N releases (cf. [wiki:Self:Extras/EveryOtherRelease EveryOtherRelease] ).
  • Support popular Red Hat Linux releases, such as RHL 7.3 and RHL 9.
  • 1-2-3-out support model. 1-2-3 will have Legacy Key signed and QA'd. "out" releases will still accept contributions for backports, but no longer Key signed, nor QA'd as heavily.
  • Separate Key to Fedora.
  • Identified components qualified for backporting efforts.
  • Assigned "Contacts" for each identified component to backport.
  • Individual contact's discretion as to when backporting for older release is discontinued.
  • Try to use as much of the existing infrastructure as possible, QA/Testing/etc...
  • Make use of Red Hat's bugzilla, to allow security groups

Things to consider

  • [wiki:Self:PackageSubmissionQAPolicy Current Fedora Policy]
  • Whose hardware, hosted where, for our own build system
  • Access to [wiki:Self:Extras/VendorSec VendorSec] for inside information and quick patches.
  • Interaction with Linux Security Audit Project - [6] .

Mirror Sign Ups

  • "Ingo T. Storm" <ingo at auroralinux dot org> Germany - fast during daytime, limited at night
  • "Jesse Keating" <jkeating at j2solutions dot net> USA - full time
  • "Erik Williamson" <erik at cpsc.ucalgary dot ca> Canada - full time
  • "Jack Neely" <jjneely at pams dot ncsu dot edu> NC State University, USA
  • "Andreas Thienemann" <andreas at bawue dot net> .de
  • "Everyones Internet" <patms at ev1 dot net> EV1, Houston, TX, USA - full time