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Fedora Tier 1 Mirror List

These mirrors are rsync sources for Tier 2 mirrors to sync data from. Most mirrors require authorization from the mirror administrator in order to attain access to rsync. Please contact mirror-list-d@fedora.us mailing list in order to attain access. Refer to the [wiki:Self:Extras/FedoraMirrorHOWTO Fedora Extras Mirror HOWTO] to learn how to become a Fedora mirror.

Europe Netherlands (Main european rsync) ftp.quicknet.nl::fedora
Europe Romania ftp.iasi.roedu.net::fedora - No authorization needed
Europe France apt.ggu-squad.org::fedora
Europe Czech Republic sunsite.mff.cuni.cz::fedora.us - No authorization needed
USA West mirrors.kernel.org::fedora.us
USA East BUILDME::fedora
Australia planetmirror.com::fedora - Working?

This mirror is to be used as the data source for Tier 1 mirrors, Tier 2 mirrors may not sync here.

Hawaii (Master) videl.ics.hawaii.edu::fedora