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  • TriageHOWTO : Contributed tips and tricks to make everyone more efficient.
  • CannedQueries : Why reinvent the wheel? Share some useful Bugzilla queries here.
  • BugzillaWishList : If Bugzilla could be hacked, how much hacking could a bugzilla hacker hack?
  • BoilerPlate : Common Responses to use for commonly misfiled or information scarce bugs.

Next Bug Day Is ???

Last known bug day was: Bug Day 6 Nov. 19 - Squash redhat-config-* bugs.

Previous bug days have included fixing mustfix bugs:

View the list of mustfix bugs .

Lend a hand with getting as many of these bugs closed as possible. Try following mkj's 7 easy steps to building relevant 'mustfix' bugzilla queries:

  • View the list of mustfix bugs given above
  • Click on "view as bug list" at the top
  • Click on "Edit this Query" at the bottom
  • Shift-swipe the "Status" multi-select-box to select them all.
  • then control-click to deselect CLOSED and RESOLVED (and, depending onwhat you are looking for, possibly also MODIFIED and/or NEEDINFO).
  • click on "Search" at the bottom of the page
  • Obviously, youcan modify the query any way you want; if you ONLY want to lookfor bugs that you might be able to add info to, maybe you onlyselect NEEDINFO and nothing else.
  • I find it useful to Change Columns and add component to the column so I can focus on components I am confident in

Example of relevant bugzilla query: Need info bug .

A simple overview of the ideas behind Fedora triage:

  • Jef's initial post can be found here .
  • Some suggestions are in this thread .
  • Gnome's bugsquad project seems like a good starting point for much of the triage policy that fedora is going to have to re-implement. There is of course room to enhance and mold Gnome's idea on triage to suit the needs of fedora...but a good first step for any aspiring fedora bugsquad members would be to read over as much of the guidelines from here as you can.

Fedora Bug Days!!!!

  • Every wednesday until further notice is hereby deemed a Fedora Bug day, check out #fedora-bugs channel on the freenode IRC network to participate in mass hallucination every wednesday.
  • Note from Jef: I'm actually interested in the idea of using bug days to focus on particular types of bug clean ups, maybe linked to what's happening in the development space at the time. For example with the translation deadline for the Fedora Core 1 release looming (Oct 20th) would it make sense to make the Oct 15th bug day focused on cleaning up translation bugs in bugzilla, to help the developers working on the translations?
  • Possible themes we could have in a sort of period way:
  • translation bugs (very tied to test release phase timeline...need some cross talk with the translation subcommunity about when to have this)
  • needinfo days (this can happen a lot i think..not as time sensitive as other bug classes)
  • security audit (not sure when that would be good...but organizing people with security experience is a good idea)
  • sweep up of 'old' bugs (i'd say do this right after a release goes gold..before a new set of test releases)
  • Bugs depending on Tracker bug

Public Tracking Bugs

Tracking bugs are useful as a way for the community to try to organize existing bugreports without needing editting rights to the bug reports themselves. The basic idea is to have the community submit comments to the tracking bug in an effort to nominate other existing bugs as blocking bugs to the tracker. A test case example for community triage to use is the Easy Fix Public Tracking bug .

Random Thoughts

  • Follow a developer's bugs for a week and be at one with their pain?
  • open new tracking bugs meant to list real bugsreports that need to be editted. These tracking bugs can be used by QA people with editting rights to apply changes, that the triage community finds while digging into bugzilla, some examples:
  • Open a tracking bug so community members can nominate bugsreports with supplied patches for the Easyfix keyword
  • appropriate use of Easyfix keyword should make it very easy for developers to find and apply community supplied patches in quick order.
  • Open a tracking bug so community members can nominate bugs that appear upstream and can be closed with resolution upstream in fedora bugzilla, or have the MoveUpstream? keyword set.
  • Very good idea for general cleanup

Couple of suggestions for triage until we get a field to edit this in: TriageComment .